Text Editor
Mon, Feb 27, 2017

I’ve been using GitHub’s Atom editor for the past couple of months. I don't completely love it (there are elements that I miss from my experiences with Vim: startup speed, maturity of some core editing components, not being able to run it in a terminal) but I'm using Atom though because the way the editor is built (built on Electron) allows for some very cool and unique experiences.

General information

  • Url: https://atom.io/
  • Developer: GitHub
  • Platforms: mac OSX (10.9 or later), Windows (7 or later) and GNU/Linux
  • License: MIT Licence (Free software)

By default Atom comes with a few built-in extensions/packages available. However, for the purposes of development you will definitely need other packages and the community has been quick to fill in that gap.

In this post I have picked some useful and/or "most interesting" Atom packages I've found. Interesting in this case means that they really only could have been done as they are in Atom or a similarly flexible editor.